Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 5th, 2013

hey ma :) were emailing again for a little bit today because i went on exchange up to boston.. and we had time and elder higham didnt have time so were usein it now!!! 

they have a thing called christmas market... so many people and its only in Lincoln!! im going to find some really really cool stuff :) yes yes yes!!!  Bad news though.. i wont be able to email this monday most likely... the librarys are closed.. ill see what i can do to let ya know im good but you may not hear from me till next week

everest has been coming out teaching with us and its so cool.. he just goes off in chinese and then he turns and says ok.. he understands haha its amazing... not only that he stops us sometimes and is like ok what you just said.. makes no sence hahaha how funny is that? ahh bless him  yeah he is the sickest.. the other day he pointed to his butt and asked what they call it in english haha i never run out of fun things to talk about with that guy! Everest was actually an atheist.. like most chinese are, and his family said he was a man and he could do what he wanted.. which is unusual for Chinese parents.. it was really cool.. . there are buddist here and there but most dont even know what prayer is...
we cant give him much because were poor but he is always so grateful.. he didn't have a tie so we gave him one and he was like.. I'm going to wear this everyday to uni (university) :) haha

oh ya another sorta cool story i just remembered... so yesterday we were walking to Everests so he could come teach some chinese people with us... which was so cool.... so cool.... but on the way we saw this dude muttering to him self.. i thought he was drunk or something so sorta jokingly i asked if he was alright.. he mumbled a yes and we just kept on walkin.. about twenty yards down the road he yelled "do you even care about me!" i was going to keep walking because people who are drunk say stuff like that all the time but he said "mate! you hear me!" so i decided i would go see what was up... so turns out this dude has had a really hard life.. he was really stuggling and he feels like nobody on this earth will help him.. he had a bunch of tattoos and from those i gathered he had a couple kids... he was a normal guy but he had gotten in a fight a few years ago and somone hit him in the head with a steel rod and now he looses his train of thought if he dosent say what he wants to say fast and he cant hear really well (he was really frustrated with himself) he said if he had the boys he would have killed himself a long time ago... all we did is bear testimony of christ and that he loves us and that god loves us.. we talked about how there is proof that he loves us..... i was feeling the spirit and i knew he was because there was tears in his eyes.. he said "you lot.. come over here from america, leave your familys for free to help people in lincoln... that is so special" by this time i wanted to hug this guy haha but were going to teach him in about an hour or so :) thats pretty cool huh? i have a bunch of stories like that but i never have time to share them.. things move so fast here... but so is life :) 
i think will smith said it good... "lovin livin, livin lovin, its all good     im lovin livin, its all good" haha yeah will smith!! remember that CD guys? ahh childhood :)
love you guys!! make sure to have a good day!
love elder wiser!!

this guys name is len.. so in boston they dont have loads of investigators and it gets sketch at night so we went to youth..we were supposed to go lazer tagging but when that fell through he just said he would suprise us... so we turned up at a pub haha idk if its a pub or a tavern but we played snooker for an hour and a half in there :) it was awesome!
this is who i played.. and i won!! barley

the tables here huge so its a little harder than normal pool we have at home

hmmmm not to much... well this one is of the match score (Sterling said this is how they score Snooker - I can't tell what it means but it looks cool.)

this is our last district meeting picture.. somone is going to get moved we just dont know who yet... just a few days till we will know!!!
we had a white elephant gift thingy and i got bubbles there are some there if ya can see em

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