Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

ah man what a wonderful week!!!! you guys are having so much fun it seems like :) christmas is such a special time of year.... i miss you guys so bad!!! its the sorta miss that i miss you almost all the time but i can still think and be a normal human ha i have heard of missionarys that go home because they are so home sick..... im glad i can still function fully :) im so stoked to talk to you guys though!!!! just a few days now!! ya feel free to text adam any time :) i might just give you a call christmas day and try and sort things out.. it shouldnt be to spendy if its just i phon to i phone right? adam will be one hundred percent fine if you text him though.. he is the coolest...

what ill do i hope you get on soon so we can talk about it but if not ill just call adam and he will take care of everything :) ill be with adam all day so im one hundred percent flexable.. and the think with shay is cool as well... man this is going to be amazing! im so proud of stant as well... he is going to take state no questions asked.. either this year or next.. i think he can both..... gosh i gotta see some of these vids though.. whenever i get out of missionary mode and im laying in bed before sleep..... i get wrestling trunky haha im to fat to actually do it but i miss it stil ha stant is going to kill me when i get home

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