Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16, 2013

hey guys!!! sooooooo i know i have been really bad with blog emails lately but im going to try to be better... next week haha sorry :(
i did get those christmas packages!! i didnt open anything like i said i wouldnt :) ha thanks for everything ma :) father christmas came!! its actually been hard not opeing it.. i almost did yesterday ha but i fought it... thank you!!! i sent some stuff home.. i hope it gets there :) the sucky part is is i had to use my missionary funds on it becuase my personal card wasnt working.. so i may have to get some food with personal this week.... i hate being in the middle of nowhere!! travel is so spendy.. we have had loads of meetings and stuff.. oh the christmas conference! we traveled to birmingham and saw everyone in the mission :) it was amazing!! i missed so many people so bad and i hugged some of my best friends good bye pretty much forever.. it was hard.. its nuts how close people get out here.... gosh that was hard... it was good seeing everyone though :) ill send some pics.. i met some people you may know :)

this past week was nuts... i felt like alomst nothing got done ha we just partied it felt like... and were going through a stage where all the investigators we find are not very good.... so our numbers have dropped like crazy... so we have a lot of work to do! man saturday though... elder higham and i got so sick.... he was sick in the morning really bad but then just got worse throughout the day.. then about half way i got sick and threw up about 12 times.... only good news about that is that i lost 8 pounds that day haha so im not as fat anymore!!  for the six month aniversiary.. i was going to burn a tie but we had to spend the night in notingham so i didnt have time... ill have to do that when i find some time :) that is a tradition here i just havent ever done it.. six months though.... how weird is that? now i have started a sisters mission ha another six months and i only have a year.... i wonder if i have changed at all.. does it seem like i have changed?
well im really exited to speak to you guys soon :) i really love you all.... i havent heard from dad for ages so i hope he is doing ok.. tell him i love him :) did you guys get a box from england? i really really really really hope that makes it... ill be gutted if it dosent... so let me know! :)

 i have a lot of cool pictures from this week though... so ill take you through those :)
this is bishop kens brothers son!! ha his nephew!
he is a complete stud.... tell bishop i said hi!!

ok this is the christmas conference!!!! all 300 or so missoinarys in the ebm met up and had a good time :) ah man it was amazing!! i feel like i have made so many real friends out here..... ok so here is a few of them... so this girl knew shayna.. her name is mekenna morsen or somthing.. i cant remember her last name for some reason.. ha shoot she is from ogden and danced with shana in ball room.

 These pictures were taken at a Christmas festival that is held in Lincoln each year.
 Yes - Sterling is eating a donut!  I asked him about it and he said he's only cheated a few times on purpose.  This was one of those.
Switching of the hats!!

my trainer is home as well.. how weird is that!! ha six months ago I was stepping off the mtc bus scared as a scared guy haha.. but here we are :) i still have so much to learn..
ill be better with sharing stories in the future but ill say this for the ending of this email.......
my testimony of the savior has grown so much.... i just feel like my testimony has grown all over... love is somthing that god has for all of his children and that we need to have for everyone... something shay said my parents have always said is life is what you make it... or the mission is what you make it... there is no point in going about life sad and miserable.... there is times when that happens but thats not how god wants us to be.. so he will help us out of it :) prayer is a way to communicate with god.. if we ever need anything we just have to ask :) ask and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you.. go scripture!!
 i love you  guys!!! ten days till we get to talk :)
love elder wiser

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