Monday, December 2, 2013

November 25, 2013

this is the first time i have ever worne a scarf :) what do ya think? haha i dont know how i felt about the look of it but it was not as cold so that was nice :)

Hello!! so this email is going to be quite short... but here it is!
So this week we were so blessed :) I love having the opportunity to set goals and doing all we can to reach them.. sometimes it looks like were not going to make it but God has constantly helped us as long as we are dilligent :) we were blessed this week!!
We had a cool miracle this week as well.. so one of our investigators wanted to come to church but she was feeling ill.. but she is progressing towards baptism and it was sorta really important that she came to church.. so we said a prayer asking her to feel better and when we showed up at the door to get her she was completely fine!! how cool is that?
ah man life is good :) I feel like I have so many stories so little time but next week i'll be better. I really love you guys :)
keep being amazing!!!
love elder wiser
ps ma.. if you could write me letters with a few questoins that would be great.. I have lots more time to write letters :) love you!!

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