Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013

 Ah man Thanksgiving was interesting, since I can't eat wheat the dinner appointment we had made chicken and potatoes :) it was sweet!!! not really the same but it was what it was, haha still fun.. we just shared spiritual thoughts about gratitude with everyone and I have been trying hard to be more sincerely grateful during my prayers. life is good!!! and I have a cool thing to tell ya but ill do it in the big one!  Mom ha upside down zip-lining :) your crazy!!

Hello family!!!! holy cow... yesterday was crazy ha! so I'm going to email today.. we had zone p-day and then I went on an exchange to Boston.. which is so so so far away from everything.. but I have some pictures to share with you guys

so this is what I tried to send last time but I ran out of time :) this is the ysa!! aaaaand two more were just added to the group!
 sooooo here is the big news!! there was two baptisms in Lincoln!! ah man we have been so blessed :) honestly God has put people in our path.. people who are so prepared...

So Everest :) Elder Highams mission miricle.. here is the story of them meeting: Elder Higham and Human.. it was the end of the day and they were just getting ready to undo the bikes and head home when Elder Higham was like.. hmm I'm giong to talk to one more guy and he stopped Everest.. Everest is one of the most solid people I have ever met, he has been in England, at the University, for only three months and speaks almost perfect english.. he is such a genuin good guy.. and his testimony is so strong.. he was baptised on December 1st!! it was fast and testimony meeting and I asked him if he would go up with me and he thought for a minute... asked me how to say a few more words in english and went up.. such a spiritual moment.... a spiritual wave went over everyone in the chapel.. he talked about his experience with prayer and how he knows that God gives us trials to shape us.. it was amazing ha :) I went up after him and I didnt even know what to say.... it was so cool :) he watches American stuff on youtube so he can learn english better. One day he came up to me and stuck his hand out for a hand shake hug that poeple do in high school.. and asked what it was? haha I told him it was a bro hug and now every time when we leave he just sticks his hand out and says "bro hug" haha ah man.. so cool
Then there is Chloe :) ah man im so happy to be able to meet people that are this cool :) she is a little younger than me and is from London... she is one of the first people Elder Higham and I taught when we were together.. the second day if I remember correctly... at first she just seemed really quite and nice.. (alot of people just agree to meet with us because they are nice) but we kept teaching her and we soon realized that she was soaking everything up... it was at a point where we had taught a bunch of new people and we were praying for them to have their prayers answerd and when all of them started to drop out she was one of the only ones that was like... I think this book is true. ha! which is great because it is!!!!
we have become great friends and I love her to death... choice spirits :)
I love Elder Higham as well.. this transfer has gone really really fast but it was really good :) it feels good coming in everyday and being dead tired because we ran around all day. mission life is good life :)
Shay said something before I came out and its so true.. your mission is what you make it.. no matter what is going on you can be happy.... no matter what!! just pray if your not happy and God will help ya out... when it comes to the mission.. being unhappy or stressed is something that messes with the spirit... so for stant and shelb and everyone, just keep being so happy!! dont let Satan get ya down because thats what he wants... stupid satan haha

But guys I'm learning so much... I have been out here for six months.... six months!!! thats 25% of my mission!! I can't believe it.. all I gotta say is Stant.. Shelb... you guys are going to love it :) this is such an amazing opportunity.. Stant when your in south america chopping your way through rain forests to get to appointments... haha I love that image.. but your going to love it man... Shelby your going to get sent off to like salt lake, so I can come take ya out to lunch when I get back haha, I'm just a kiddin.. I could see you being in Washington or Ohio.. idk why i think the states though... :) shelby your going to get sent somewhere where they lack love haha and your going to commit everyone to baptism :) yeah!!!!
Oh good i get another hour... whoooo that was a close one :) but again for the paper tree.. thanks so much :) that was a really cool idea and thanks for everyone that put so much effort into the little ornaments and stuff :) i love it!!! i'll admit I will miss you guys like crazy this Christmas.. but we getta talk!! I get to teach people about Christ!! Ma, those pass along cards you sent the ones about joy to the world... wonderful!!! we are going to a mission game next week with them i'll let you know how it goes (but they are sweet!)
man I love you guys so much :) you are way to good to me!

you guys are the best!!! if there is anything ya wanna ask me just let me know!!
love you
love elder wiser :)

hmmm lets see here

ok this one is at the chapel.. if you look hard you can see a tower complex thingy.... thats where we live.. yes its a far ride!!

 this is a picture where I turned up the brightness and was messing around so check this out!!
 this tree is the sickest!!! thanks so much family :) I absolutely love it and it's giong to stay there for a long time
 this is right next to where we find :) the Braford.. i call it the Braveheart

 this is chloe..  yeah!!

Everest and i! his real name is leu jiaqi... chinese is hard but its cool :)

Well this is amazing.. I love having time to email...I gotta email pres and then ill have to get off.. but know I love you guys :) your my most favorite family I have ever had!! Ha! keep being the sickest.. I cant wait to speak in 23 days!! what phone should I call to set it up? who is going to be there and such?
have a wonderful week!!!
someone in england loves you!
elder wiser

man what a cool week... God is good :)

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