Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oct 19, 2014

Hey!! so just a mini update on the week!

Man, I love my mission.... I have learned loads.. I bet its nuts seeing missionarys come back and how much they have changed.. I feel the same but at the same time I know I have changed... you know what I mean? I feel the difference but I think I'll still fit in back at home.. one thing I have noticed is I do feel more independent. People may mistake me for a 15 year old haha but I feel like I can look after myself.. if I have a job and a calling and something to do I think I will be ok..I do know how much you guys do for me though... I honestly wouldn't be anything without you guys. thanks so much for your support.. its so good coming here on monday being able to feel love from you and the family. The things you do don't go unoticed :)

Man this week was pretty good :) it started out a bit rough haha I
caught a bug that was going around and lost loads of weight.. I lost
about 12 pounds.. for some reason I couldnt hold any food down.. but I
had a blessing and I feel 100 percent better! im sure I gained all the
weight back as well because as soon as I could eat. I put the pound
down :)

We had some cool teaching appointments as well.. we went on exhange
this week and Elder Palu and Elder Roundy found some really cool
potentials.. ones name is Robert.. he actually requested that the
missionarys come around. We haven't met him yet but we will soon I'm

Little up date on Zac the plan of salvation guy.. so we went by for
our return apt and he was really drunk and waved us away... so we are
going to try and catch him in this week. Other than that we have some
cool people we are teaching.

Something I have been thinking about loads is the spirit you can feel
in a members home.. as you guys know the church focuses a lot on the
family. Its crazy seeing how the gospel affects families. Thats one of
my favorite things, is going to visit a somone who has the spirit in
their home. its so good!!!! Moroni 7:16..

It has been a great week!
I love you all :)
elder wiser.

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