Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hey Mom :) man, I loved conference!! it was so dang good!! I took so many notes.. I gotta bring my notes... Dad sent me the "Lord, is it O" talk by uchtdorf.... that was one of my favorites by far.. so dang good!! ill bring them next time so I can share more with you.. one I used as a spiritual thought was president Monson's talk about the ship... how the rudder was shot and broken and that made it sink.. how the ship could stand up to many ships alone but without the rudder it was almost usless... then compare that to Alma 37:40... it talks about the liahona... I have loved talking about being a good example lately.. I feel like if our rudder is in check we can know from our example if its true.... man I have so many things I want to be better at... conference is the best!

haha hiking in the cave.. that was so much fun!! I only saw a few of the videos, so I dont really know what was said but I'm glad you liked it :) we had such a good time.. I felt like I was back at home though, haha! not in a trunky way its just stuff like that we never get a chance to do.. it was fantastic!!! they probably got annoyed with all the stories I had about camping with you guys and stuff.. America is the best! people say my accent is still super American so I think I don't have an English accent.. my speach pattern is a little different and I use british slang but I'm still American! I think im going to be like dad and just come home normal. although, I would like a little accent, anything to help my chances ;) haha

I think the kids taking our rugby clinic just like the rugby.. but some of them have left their other friends and started to chill with the members... man when I think about the effect the gospel would have on those kids it's insane... it seems night and day.. I hope we we can help them in some way.. if not they will have fond memories of the missionarys when others knock their door.

I love studying the Plan of Salvation though, the scriptures back up everything. It is so true... I have taught it to a few people that love it and study it and ask loads of questions but for some reason a lot of people just seems to accept it and wait for the next lesson...... but it is Gods plan for us... if you have the plan you know what you have to do... thats a big deal. but we are teaching it this week.. we will let you know how it goes :)

We do have more people to teach.. its been really nice. finding is fun as well.. I think of all the things I have learned on my mission to do, finding is one of my favorite.. tracting, street contacting... its all great.. people can feel the spirit in just like two min of conversation... even like thirty seconds.. if they can see you care about them and want to help them then it changes everything.. I think its really fun :)

I love you mom!!
love Elder Wiser

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