Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 1, 2014

The reason Sterling did not email on Monday. . . . . Some members of their ward took them to The Big Pit Coal Museum.  He was so happy about it, it's like cave exploring - something Sterling LOVES.  The member sent the pictures and the video to me.  Thank you Laurence Howells for the wonderful pictures and videos.  It was wonderful to see Sterling doing something I know he loves and to hear his voice.  I MISS HIM!!!!!  

Sterling was able to email us a quick note on Thursday - I will include it below.
Love you all - Laura

I'm Laurence, I live in the Merthyr Tydfil area and have been out teaching with You'r son a few times, he is a great missionary! Last Monday we went out for a p-day we ended up going to the Big Pit, he loved it.

The footage isn't great but from the talking you see that we enjoyed ourselves. Any way hope you enjoy the footage and handful of photos. 

Man, so you heard from a few members this week? ha! thats pretty cool. I'm grateful they sent that stuff to you. This ward is so good. I love it here. Bishop called president and asked if he would keep us here for a long time, haha so Elder Palu might stay here for like eight or nine moths haha.  I'm pretty happy about it :) this ward is great!
I could stay here for around six months.. which would be next transfer. but i don't think they will keep us together for more than three transfers.. it doesn't happen very much. But Elder Palu is the rugby player and the reason for all the excitement :) I love bragging about him!! As long as he is here the ward wants to use his talent. so I'm here to plan and try and make stuff work so that happens..  it has been really good. it's going to be hard to switch to a comp who is not famous ha being known all over is a good conversations starter, especially in wales. Everyone loves rugby here.. cool beans!

I dont know if we told you but we are helping coach a little rugby team. mostly for visibility.. so we are in sports clothes with our badges on :) its been fun.. everyone asks if I play rugby and I just tell them American football... haha what I don't explain is that it was like backyard two hand touch haha ah man at least I can tackle though... thank you double leg take down.

love you mom!! have a great week :) ill talk to you on monday!

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