Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 10, 2014


Good news :) we are staying!!!! we are so stoked!! I'm really happy :)
only sad part is is that means I probably am going to leave December
17.... four days before Lee's baptism and 8 days before Christmas.... soooo ha
what if i stay for five transfers haha ah man that would be nuts. we
shall see :)
 Lee has been taught for ages.... he is a complete stud who loves the
gospel. he has already set up his baptismal program.. I'm going to just
barley miss it!! ah man so I'm going to see if I can stay for a little
longer before I leave so I can see it. Lee is the man though :) I sent
a picture with his family last week. going over there is like going
home. so comfortable... and spiritual :) his wife is a member and his
daughter so thats really cool. the church is true!

Grams car looks great :) ha she is always just passing the cars down!!
its good she stuck with toyota though.. good cars those. I know I
still have seven months.... but can you pick me up in the truck? I
want to ride in a mans car :)

ah man... Grandma bassett.. i'll pray for her. I remember dad said having a kidney stone is
like having a baby.. which is rough... is it a huge one?

shelberloooooo!! ah man I cant wiat to see the pics. shelb is a angel.
I'm glad I can still see the video of the play when I get home..

stant! what a legend. i cant wiat to see him when we get back.

welll gotta play some ball :) ill email later! i love you!.......................

I sent the essays on saturday :) so its in the Lords hands now till it gets
to you :) ha I feel bad though.. I'm rubbish at writing so I wrote a
few different ones. Its weird thinking about home
stuff.. like not bad so don't take it like a wrong thing.. but how
werid is it that is six months... I'm going to be home.... and a year
ago I was in lincoln?  haha so werid huh? I have set some home goals
hardcore :) I want to be  a man!

Mom I gotta go. i'll send a few photos. sorry about the poor emails

today. chilled with the members. I love you so much!!! your the best

oh man... I totaly forgot.. my tooth. the dude said I need a root
canal.......... sooooo I asked him if he could do a temporary fix and
then if we can all pray for it to make it seven months.. he said it
should last about three.. but prayer changes things :) I love you!!

this is bomb fire night!! its called guy fox day.. its how I
celebrated shays b  day :)

this is the poppy appeal! spent fifteen hours here in a few days :) it
was way fun!!

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