Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hey mom :) :) I'm doing great. This week was awesome! We had a really good week, I have some cool stories to tell ya. so I find out where, or if, I'm going to be transferred tonight, around ten thirty I think. They have been pretty consistent to call at 10:20.. so we will see :) i'll see if I can email you and let you know where I'm going. I do think I'm going to leave but ya never know. The ward has asked president if Elder Palu and I can stay haha so we will see, I love it here.

So sorry to hear about Ann.. i'll pray for Earl and the family.. I really had the plan of salvation confirmed again to me this week. that is Gods true and perfect plan.

Oh as well.. we are sitting at a poppy appeal booth for like five hours today.. its a big deal over here I think there are some good videos on youtube about it.

Being district leader has been great. I love being able to talk to the teams. its been a great chance to learn and grow.. training has been great Elder Palu is the man and I'm so glad that I have been able to serve with him he is a great missionary. We have had some great experiences and learned loads together. missions are the best!

This transfer has been great. It went really fast though.. so fast. My only goal was to do as much as we could so Elder Palu and the new guy could have some people to teach and the Lord really blessed us.. we tried as hard as we could to be obedient and to talk to as many people as we could and it went awesome. We found some amazing people on the street.. one lady we had a cool experience with was in Aberdare town center. Right after we stopped her she just started to ask about our beliefs, like the God head and stuff.. after we would share she would just be like "ya thats right" ha, it's was sorta funny I thought she was like a minister or something and when I asked her she looked up and was just like "hmmmm I don't know yet I have been reading and studying for years and I haven't had one that feels right yet".. so we talked about the apostasy and I invited her to read Amos 8:11-13.. talks about the famine of Gods word.. after she read it she put her hand on her mouth and said.. "oh my gosh. that is me.. i woke up this morning at five thirty to study and I asked God to give me guidence so I could make a choice and it's interesting I bumped into you.. what a "coincidence" haha how cool is that!! it really confirms this scripture to me.. Alma 13:26.

We had a few other cool street contacts of people just being like oh man can you come over and share more about it?? ha it's so cool and if we are prepared I think we will be ready for those opportunity's

We taught the Plan of Salvation a few times this week as well... what a perfect plan it is.. Alma talks about it in 40 & 41 quite a bit but I love how when somone really wants to know, they hear that and they know haha it shows how much God loves us and wants to let us use our agency to the max to choose to live with him.

The church is true guys!! we are Christians and we follow Christ :)

I love you!
have a great week :)

this is one of the families we meet with :) they are called the Mattens and are legends!! its so fun going over there.. the coolest family ever

this is a soaked day :) it was great! this is outisde our flat.

merthyr football club! i have been trying so hard to get a scarf here.. thats what I'm collecting from all my areas.. I hope so!!

this is the district!

goofy one! 

the bin ball championships!!! america vs tonga!!!!


one of the prouder moments of my life haha

the poppy booth is during p day as well..... thats why we are emailing so early today.

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