Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 17, 2014

mom!!!!!! hey :) its great to heard from you!! man so much is going
on... I pray for gram everyday.. how is she doing?

Man shelb is a star :) I have leard loads of good about her... I'm
really glad she is in something she can tear it up in :)

Man im sorry im the worst misisnoary but I have ten min to email you
guys and pres and get dressed!!! ahhhhh

Man with Stant though... I have to see him before I go.. it's a must ..
we are still homies and stuff but I want to give him a hug before he
goes off, and I want to talk with him.. but whatever happens. I love him!! He is the
man! I don't know my release date... hmmmm ill try actually i dont know
how but someone knows. ill ask around I think its right at the end of
May.. its usually two weeks before you came in..

Shay and her friends haha that is awesome :) thay all look great..
Hannah having a baby.. man!! its so werid that stuff is in the big
change mode!! they loook great though :)

 This week I thought loads about grace though... I didn't really get
it till this week... born agains say "its by grace you are saved
it's by grace you are saved!" which is true.. but not in the way they
are looking at it.. a talk I have explains it this way.... so your mom
(christ) pays the piano teacher(HF) when your playing the piano...
playing the piano dosent pay your mom back or the teacher.. but what
does your mom ask you to do.. practice :) so have you been saved by
grace? more like have you been changed by grace?... we will all fall
short of perfection but Christ didn't just pay for a few of our sins...
He isn't waiting at the finish line for you to get to Him for help...
He payed for all our sins and runs with us the whole way... He doesn't
make up the difference he makes all the difference :) I loved studing
that this week.... thing is I only did a little so I hope everything
makes sense. alma 7:11-13

I love you guys so much!!!! have agreat week :)

This is Tracy and Roslinda :) we had dinner with them and a member the
other day.. legends!!!

but I gotta go. I really love you :)
have a greatweek..

ah man as well...... my flippin shoes broke... so I'm going to try and
find some cheap ones this week... sorry about that.. I had them taped
and stuff but it dosent work.. they lasted for so long!!
love you :)

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