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November 24, 2014

(**Side note from Laura - This is a compilation of several emails.  I sent him lots of questions and he answered them all in a separate email.  He is doing so good though - and It's so fun to see his personality show in his letters home. :)

Mama bear!!! hey :)

Im so excited to Skype  you guys on Christmas!!! its going really fast. I'll be
talking to you in no time! I hope I stay here for another one so you
guys can meet all my friends :) Sister Jones said she was going to
send you a good recipie for gluten free brownies. the secret is baby
food... the brownies are really moist :) 

Man with school.... it did freak me out a little.. I just pictured my
self being all alone with no companion putting all my life skills to
the test :) the best part is, is that Gram Wiser will be close. I want to spend
loads of time with her. thats the first thing that I thought of ha so
what is it like there? I heard really smart kids go there.. also, what
did you change on my letter that helped them accept me? haha!!! that
letter was absolute rubbish! Mom you got my eagle, my high school
graduation diploma, and into collage! haha your the best!!! I am
excited about going to school though, I just need to get to it when I
get back so I can get into a routine and start to learn how to play the game.
I wanna try sports!! my eyes are really bad so I'm not to good at a lot
of games but I want to train and do something sporty.

With Stant, haha what a legend :) I remember cutting weight for sure.  Ask Stant
if he remembers one day before hydration in my Jr. year we were with
Skyler and we were so sick of being hungry, we downed a
bunch of reeses bars. Then the guilt hit and we tried to throw
them back up. ah man wrestlers.. so who is in one thirty two? man I
hope Stant is home for a bit before he goes. I want to train with him a
little so I can get used to the air there and see if I still got it.
I'm sure he will smash me but if I can do anything its go for it.

A little funny news for this week. so we have been really trying to
get involved with sports and using them as finding tools. It's been
great! We have one little kid on the team who is on a baptismal date!! His mom
is a less active and we get to spend more time with them on the rugby

This week a member invited us to a boxing gym.. and Elder Palu used to box and so we thought we would go hit the bags for a bit and put our accents to work. ha! In the middle of it the guy in the ring calls me over and told me to come in the ring with him...... turns out the guy is the current welsh champion at 80 kg.. experiences experiences :) 

So right now I'm weighing like 76 kg.. I dont know how much that is in
pounds because none of the scales here do it.. I have been getting
pretty big though.. we wake up at six fifteen and work out for a few extra minutes
then we do a little after planning before we call the teams. its so
good for both of us. working out rocks.

(**Side note from Laura - I converted his weight into pounds and he weighs 167. :)

The shoes were my gym shoes. I sent a
photo already. My mission ones are going to last me till I get back I'm pretty sure :) I have been trying to take good care of them. I have learned so much about that.. I think I found another part of Dad in me when I came out. haha! be nice to your stuff and it lasts for ages. no point in being dumb and wasting stuff. go Dad :)

I am going through a little phase of stuff breaking.. my black watch broke, I had that for a year so that sucks. I took the face out and taped it in CH 8 of preach my gospel haha I love that watch. I switched off a lot between that one and the silver one and now I'm fully on the silver one :) such a good watch. I'm going to keep that for the rest of my life.

My cloths have been doing good. I have gained weight for sure but they
are still doing ok. The suits have little streachy things in them and
american shirts are huge so I'm all good. I want to buy some new ones
for when I come home but the ones I have are doing great :) I have
gotten handy with a sewing kit though. My favorite pair of tracting
trousers tore this week. Luckly right on the seam. but ya all good
there! and the Jones family gave me a brand new suit!! their son who
is my age didn't want it so they gave it to me!!! how cool is that? I'll
send you a picture of it :) they are such an amazing family. we spend
loads of time with them and investogators. they are like the "go to"
house for lessons. so cool.

Cacun sounds like its going to be cool!!! send me some pictures :)
its cool shay gets to enjoy all of this with ya. LSI is awesome!

Thanksgiving! ya we are celebrating it :) we are going to Aberdare and
doing some stuff over there on that day, and going to Sam's 
house!! he is a returned missionary who just got married.. man there
are so many good people over here!! and we are going to have a little
thanksgiving celebration on saturday with Lee and Sarah.. I heard
there is going to be pumpkin pie!! whoooo! 

Back to the topic of grace... it's still so much on my mind! I have really been trying
to wrap my head around it.. the born agains are right, but not in the
right way. 2 nephi tells us what we should do.. I have just been
trying to focous on it so I can improve.. its crazy knowing that we
can always repent no matter what but that it can change us as well...
so I want to learn more about it. I wanna tap into the changing
part. I have felt it for sure but I want to more. the repentace part I
have felt to.. man the church is true!! ha thats all I know :)

We have four people progressing to a baptismal date. Tyrone, Gerint, Rylie, and Lee. all of
them are great!! We have been teaching around nine lessons a week
pretty consistently. We have been working pretty hard and the Lord has
been blessing us so much..  I think what Elder Palu and I worked on
the most this week is getting people out to church.. doctrine and
covenants 59 verse 8-9, & verse 16.. most people think we
just go to church go, but we go for the sacrament and to feel the spirit and
to learn from each other :) its a commandment!! and with every
commandment there is a promised blessing.. thats verse 16. Heavely
Father loves us so much!!! and church is the best :)

Elder Palu is a champion! I love serving with him. we are really good
friends and we have seen how much we have changed. He is flippin training me. haha for real. I love my companion.

Well I really love you!!! in tongan its oku ofa atu. I have actually
learned quite a bit of tongan. ha the jokes in tongan are the best.
they call white people palangis ha and uli means black. so we joke a
bout that all the time. I have some good photos for you this week

love you!
elder wiser

But ya all is well on this end :) Mom I have been talking about you
loads lately. ha! Since all the working out stuff some members have been
running with us in the morning and your the running champ!! its so
cool how you always fit exercise into your life and being the best mom at
the same time! I'm really going to make you a medal someday. Sister
Jones is like you in the way she has loads of kids, they all need her
at the same time, and she has a big calling and dinner and stuff. I
think you guys would get along great. 

little welsh breakfast with some hot chocolate :)
elder palu tried singing in tongan in town with this guys guitar while he counted his money ahahah soso funny

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