Friday, December 19, 2014

December Bonus

Hi Laura

This is a Julie here from Merthyr Tydfil. I wanted to thank you for the way you have brought you son up. What a fantastic way he carries your name around here in Wales. People come and go in our lives but his memory and the effects he has had on my children will stay forever. 
I have 5 children. When you son came to our ward our middle son Redd was going through a few challenges. But the Lord's timing was right and Elder Wiser came at the right time and has put him on the straight and narrow path. Redd has been such a good boy and has wanted to 'because Elder Wiser is like that'. Thank you, Thank you. I think it is hard for missionaries as they want baptisms. But mission life is about saving people and that is done in many ways!  Your son hasn't baptised Redd but he has sure saved him.
You son has arranged to stay here for a few days after his mission. Would you like to go for a run in the hillsides when u come?  
Have a great day
Love from Julie 

Julie Jones
The Church of Jesus Christ
Of Latter-Day Saints 
Public Affairs Wales
We had a early Christmas Day for your son in case he left. Here are some photos 

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