Friday, December 12, 2014

Hey mom!! yeah the ocarina was pretty fun ha we practiced a few times but didn't have loads of time. That's why I had to read the music and I messed up a few times. cool though huh? we have been singing to a bunch of investogators. Elder Palu sings the first in Tongan and then I sing the second in English. I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone in as many ways as possible and I think that's a good way. ha

Sacrament meeting was so cool!! everyone was crying and feeling the spirit :) I love a good meeting. Sounds like you have them too. It is so nice to have a good ward huh? the sacrament is really cool as well. I have just been taking normal stuff my whole mission. its going to be great to just be perfect when I get home.. ill feel so much better.

That's cool with Stant :0 was it Evenston? I remember the colors red and blue for the first one. Im glad he did good though. I miss sports so bad... I want to box when I get home I think but I don't know for sure.   Man coach Eure is a legend. a great coach. who is the new guy again?

I want to stay in mother so bad!!!!! DANG!!! I hope I get to. but I doubt it.. its just weird that the next area I go to could be my last one ha werid huh? but ya I want to stay haha the ward is all asking for presidents number so they can call haha how funny is that :)

With the package.. so gutted. I had a tough time sleeping a few nights because of that. but everything happens for a reason so no worries :) man I should have thought..... I feel bad thinking about it right now... some other stuff happened this week too. Elder Palu was using my flashdrive to listen to some gospel tunes and it fell off the bed and broke.. then yesterday we were messing around after planning and he hit my camera with a pillow... now that doesn't work... man it has really sucked.. but I'm going to see if a member has an old one they wont use anymore I can buy or something.. it still turns on but the lense dosent pick up light.. kills me. but its alright. no use crying over spilled milk ha ill sort it out.

Hey I did get your Christmas packages and they made it home!!!! yay :) so they are sitting under the Christmas tree right now ha! we have a little one in the house. I may have to have an early Christmas if I get trasfered though. so we will see

sorry about stuff breaking mom. I feel stupid about a lot of it. I have really rtried to keep stuff good on my mission and I feel like I have been doing pretty good but lately I'm being terrible. my bike still works and my testimony still works haha so I guess thats all that matters :)

Mom i love ya loads!!
have a great day

soooo I have a little thought for this week :)

Dad sent me a talk on investing in things and one of those was the spirit. so I got a nice little experience I learned from this week.

We had a really good week this week! we had had a flood of new investogators and loads of miracles happen :) one of the kids we coach in rugby is getting baptized on the 20th and we have a few other dates coming up :) its been so cool being able to watch the change the gospel brings into our lives :) I have felt that this week to.

so on Tuesday it was a normal old day and as you guys know misionarys have scheduals to keep :) well i slept threw the alarm and i must not have had a big drive to wake up because I didn't till about 8:30.. which is right in the middle of personal study.. which God put there so we can start our day off with the spirit.. so of course we were running around trying to get ready and stuff. we still left the flat at ten.. but we didn't study at all!! So I have heard that we have opportunities every single day to show whos side we are on.. to show if we want more light or less light so I started off the day pretty rough the day went on as normal but I totally felt the difference. all the finding we did felt sorta hollow.. we were out still and doing the Lords work and stuff but I felt a lack of desire and let people walk past.. so pretty soon one bad decision had led to more till I literally just wanted to sit on the bench in city centre...

anyway long story short it was a rough day.. and all pretty much from one choice...

sooo I compaired it to the next day where we both tried to do our best :)

it made a huge difference! completely different day. we met some really cool people and had some cool experiences :)

so what learned is that if we don't do what we are supposed to we cant grow or gain our testimony and at the same time we wont be as effective in helping other people in the world.

so we invest in our spiritual bank when we make choices that show we want the spirit in our lives.

it all starts with one choice!!! D&C 88:63.

if we do our best we will know it!

love you guys :)

love elder wiser 

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