Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 22, 2014

Yooooooooo!! Are you up mom? we gotta sort out our skype!! haha holy cow its here - Christmas is this week!! I'm stoked!

I moved to the one of the biggest areas in the mission ha its called Harborne. in Birmingham its way cool. my comp is halarious haha we are like the same person. We are already unified and we just laugh and work our guts out :) i'll probably leave my mission from here.. that is so weird.. but things are going great and I love it!

Good to hear with stant. how is he at keeping his weight down? I spent all morning this morning throwing up... my body hates me!! I avoid wheat but I think my body is just gettign sick of me.. so I'm going to try even harder.. no gravy no this no that.. i'll sort it out.

good to hear dad is on the up and up :) going sledding with his lungs though... wouldn't that make it worse? we shall see!

I love you mom!! sorry this is so early but we have a packed day! love you love you :)

Christmas day we are going to be with an American couple from Oregon to skype.. we are planning on eating at six and skyping at seven.. so seven is that two o clock your time? so let me know if that will work... ill be a dodge master and get on tomorrow for ten to finalize everything.. or maybe later today.. we will see :)

so skype from seven to eight o clock on Christmas day!!! so thats 12:00 your time.. is that ok? we have a bunch of activites set up with chinese people all morning so its going to be sweet!!!

I love you so much! I cant wait to see you :)

here is my new comp elder holt from orem..

we get along so well!!! the same sense of humor hahahaha I love him :) I miss elder palu though.... flip! my mission has been too good... I'm going to work my guts out!!

so funny story.. I told you I was throwing up all this morning... well I just figured out I left the flat without a tie hahaha mom I didnt put a tie on!!!! so I gotta wear a skarf all day long.. first time for everything ha..

Elder Palu and i made a comp song.. so i rapped about mission life.. they didnt put a beat to it so i have no idea what they have done with it but ill send it to you guys.. 

i love you!!

this is alex and wei wen. both recent converts.. they made us dinner!! there is so many people here street contacting is like me being in a candy store haha - my chasing people around days are over! they come to me now :)

look at how busy that is!!

this is where we GQ every day!! haha Elder holt is so funny.. i laugh all day.

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