Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 29, 2014

Hey mom :) wow what great messages. I really love those. It was so good talking with you guys :) I loved it!!! it was really cool seeing Shay as well. I hope everyone felt loved too. ill tell you. I love all of you guys so much. Christmas was the best!

Mission prep sounds like its going good. How long have you guys been teaching that now? its crazy how different people bring different things as a teacher. I have been studying that lately.. like what are my talents.. and how can I get more sorta thing.. Elder Holt is really confident so in his teaching he is really bold. its really inspired me to be more bold.. I have worked on it a lot but sometimes I think I focus on the wrong things. Christ wasn't really friendly when Peter asked him not to go Jerusalem. get thee behind me Satan!! woooo its awesome.

We had a cool story this week where we were completely guided to a girl who was ready for the gospel.. so we are on bikes in this mission which is cool but it rains a lot haha but one morning we went to leave and my lock broke.. so I have had a bunch of things stolen here and didn't want to make the list bigger but the walk is about 45 min to where we street contact. Our plans for the day were just street contacting.. we had a total of about six hours.. it turned out being a pretty rough day. We found five potentials and none of they were incredibly solid but we worked the whole time :) on the way back we had a prompting to stop this Chinese girl who's name is Shirley. she had a pretty depressing day and instead of going home just walked around listening to music. when we talked to her we had a really cool moment sharing how much the savior loves her and how she can come to know it through prayer scriptures and church. she was really excited!! we have already taught her one time and she is scheduled for baptism on the 24th of Jan. if our lock didn't break we wouldn't have ever met her and just cycled past.

The Lord leads us by the hand!!! instead of being sad about a flat tire or broken lock - look at who the Lord wants you to serve!! ha God is good :)

that is a cool one :)

i love you!!
P.S. so I have two months of contacts left.. which I can stretch.. but I'm going to sport glasses for a while.. I'm seeing if it makes street contacting easier or something ha

I have hammered the american candy!! its so dang good!!

love you mom :) have a great day!

snow in england!!! i have crashed two times because of ice there last few days!! i stayed on my feet luckly ha

and the district!! we are missing the zone leaders there but ill have a good one for next week :)

we had a little white elephant in district meeting!!

city center was empty!! so we messed around :)

it was  fun!

we censord the lady in the university photo hahaha ah man what a laugh..

this is who we skyped with! they are legends!

i love elder higham so much!!!!!!!we were so cold that day haha your gloves saved me mom!! i only had one pair of thurmals on so i have been wearing two lately... so much better.

look at this mom!!!! elder higham and i got to go on exchange again :) we had such a good time!! we found for about six hours and almost lost our toes but we got to go to five guys!! ha elder highams dad sent him a gift card for it since there is only like two or three in this country. we got a regular fry and two burgers and it cost 20 £...... how nuts is that!!! a double chees burger is 8 pound!! the place was packed to!!

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