Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 9th, 2015

sorry ma my time is so small!! I'll try and send a better email next week about my experices but things are going great :) My comp is way cool, we are working hard. And we are going to see some big big improvments... our goal is to try and planning and time effectivness..... I think those things will help me be so much more successful in life.. if you can do it on your mission you can do it at home!!

dang!! Stanton is killing it!! He his going to smash state :) what is the line up looking like? Im way proud of him.. he looks like one of those guys that just get on the mat and clean up, haha! It's really impressive!! I'm going to have to bite and scratch to win when I come back! haha

good job my bro!

We have some way cool people we are working with. One chinese girl named Zingy.. prayed at the end of the second lesson and asked God if he was there... she thought for a bit and closed... and said "wow, I do really feel a warm feeling in my heart!!" ha how cool is that.. she did the same thing the first lesson but in her head asked for forgiveness for not praying for so long.. man I love chinese people.. there was this one girl named Grace who whenever she would pray would say.. "Dear Heavenly Father.. its Grace" and then go on with her prayer!! They are like little kids its so cool!!

Pearia and kimia are going alright.. they told us a "voice" told them that the BOM isn't true a week or so ago but they still want to meet up with us because we are friends.. that about killed me.. they were supposed to get baptised yesterday but satan is on overdrive on them.. when they first met with us they asked for Book of Mormons that they could give to their firends. so prepared!! we just have to stay consistent.. after the voice told them about the BOM they were scared and confused..... does that come from God? NOPE!! ha they are amazing girls though so we will keep it up. I really like it here :) The new companion I get Wednesday goes home in 2 months.. I have less than four haha so we are some old missionarsy!! this is his favorite area already and its only been half a week ha he has served in some of the smallest areas with the toughest comps his whole mission... weekly planning we just set some goals and we are planning on killing it this transfer!! work way hard..  I want to come home with like a glow that comes from knowing you did what you could :) no regrets!!

the church is true :)

love you!

dinner with members, pearia, kimia. its a persian food!! it was way good :)

we got stuck on broad street sorta late one night... and so we made friends with a dog :) haha waiting for the bus.. i love this city!!

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