Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 16th, 2015

ah man!! there is loads of stuff going on.... I'm really proud of stant :) I prayed super hard for him.... :) he looks like a killer haha I can't wait to see the video!! legend!! and I totally know how he feels, ha I was so depressed after my last match... he reached his goals though :) I'm sure he was going for higher but his name is on the board... I wish I could just like tape Elder Wiser under his name or something haha I hate thinking about my last match... but it gives me strength to not ever think about that again :) I bet everyone is so happy though, ha just eating all the time.. I loved that part... all you can drink water all the good stuff.. has he sent in his papers yet?

Man telling me Shelb is 16.............. that so flippin weird!! ah man I feel like old sorta!! Everything is going to be so different at home.. Stant is going to be gone, Sis is going to be doing her thing.. and Shelby is going to be dating........ man thats hard for me to wrap my head around. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I stll have so much time left as well.. I'm going to finish strong mom :) ha I can see myself getting a little trunky but thats like getting pinned in the last match you ever wrestle....but eternal and way way worse.... so I have some goals set and im planning on trying my best :) I know this makes me lame but president sent a email this week that I loved!! and I want to share it with you.

Dear Elders and Sisters,

When was the last time you tried something you had never done before? As creatures of habit, we tend to eat the same foods, take the same route back to our apartment, and use the same GQ or door approach. There is comfort in the familiar—that is why we call it our "comfort zone.”

But how many mission goals resulted from staying in our comfort zone? Our goals—including personal growth—happen only when we lengthen our stride, challenge ourselves, and reach out just a bit.

The missionary who improves his or her second language, the shy missionary who tries to be more outgoing, the trainer who decides to rendered additional service to his or her new companion, the missionary who increases expectations and effectiveness near the conclusion of his or her mission—all leave their comfort zones and reach their goals. As a result, they become more abundant servants of the Lord and experience greater joy.

Occasionally, missionaries share instances where they were not satisfied with a diminished experience and wished they had done things differently. They wished they had lived up to their potential and partaken of an abundant feast of spiritual opportunity. By hanging back, afraid to try something new, we risk facing that same regret. Therefore, let us “be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving ourselves.” (James 1:22) 

Often it’s as simple as deciding to be a better listener or to perform a small act of service every day. Speaking more kindly to potentials, lifting an investigator’s spirits with a phone call—there are countless ways to try something new. When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in our missionary efforts.

Once we take that step into the unknown—even if it’s a small step—we discover that our comfort zone was actually holding us back. The satisfaction of conquering our weaknesses, the joy of expanding our ability to serve others, will more than make up for any "discomfort.” We may even discover some truth in the phrase "missions begin where your comfort zone ends.” 

Surely the Lord loves, more than anything else, your unwavering commitment to serve others even when things are a little uncomfortable. Thank you for not hanging back and for all your righteous endeavors. May He continue to bless you with abundant joy! 

With much love and admiration,

President Rasmussen

How flippin cool is that? In my email to him I asked what I could to to feel more fulfilled and like I'm progressing. after I sent my email, I read this..... fair play! haha so I'm going to be trying to get out of my comfort zone :) this applies so well with those quotes you sent ma... you can't have space for new stuff if you dont get rid of old.... and eggs and potatoes :) those are going on the planner.. your really inspired mom.. you send me things all the time that are things that I think about alot... you're in tune :) I love you!!

I have been on a weird self control kick lately as well haha so in the morning I get up work out and shower but at the end of my shower I put it to freezing cold and stand there for a certain amount of time I choose haha I feel stupid most of the time but I think it helps me realize that I can do tough things... street contacting in the rain or the cold.... even things that seem dumb like not chewing gum in public.... non of it matters.. if God asks we should just do it... thats what I feel like sets missionarys apart.. being your own missionary or being Gods missionary... follow the spirit!

I love you mom :) thanks for all you do!
Elder Wiser

oh man i got hit in the head with a pole this week in sports morning.. that is andew attah :) he is way cool!

as well.. my eyes have been hurting quite a bit lately so I think im going to stick to glasses exept for activities and stuff... it will be good to go to a doctor when I get back... I hope my diet of rice chicken and curry keeps my body healthy haha I have been eating pancakes every morning though :) gluten free! I have been way better at the diet in this area.

I love you mom! :)

dinner again! we have been doing these a lot :)
things are going great :)

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