Monday, April 14, 2014


PMG is so good huh? I love reading it.. now that I know the lessons alright I have been focusing on chapters ten and eleven.... solo important. Im going to use that thing my whole life.. dating.. daily contact.. return apt haha its going to be awesome.. I truly love it though :) I have been reading the conference stuff as well.. really good.
Transfers... hmm that is tonight... we find out where we are going... I don't know what will happen I sorta just have been trusting God will do whats best for me.. I have thought of things that could happen and why they might but I wont know what I need till tonight. But whatever happens will be for the best..
I might get on tomorrow for just a second and let you konw but the chances of that are pretty slim... 
We have had and are going to have some amazing things happen this week.. Vikky is getting baptised this week end that will be totally awesome... we found a few really good potentials.. I love it when Elder Downey comes out with us because the kid is awesome and he always stands by me.. so much faith.. we stopped and said a prayer asking if we could find someone we could teach and a half hour later we met this woman with five kids.. who was soooo nice. we are going by on Thursday. We are so excited to teach her and her family.. we asked for a return apt and normally they are like "Well I'm really busy this week.." she was like ya how about tomorrow! ha! its was cool. sad we can't go because someone might get moved but Thursday was the next day.. so we are looking forward to that..
Its getting really hot!! and I have almost been out for a year.... how weird is that? I did talk to Adam last night and he said you guys were awesome :)
well I love you guys
love elder wiser

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