Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

Man this week was great.. we have gotten some really good work done and the weather has been nice.. its been great!! we found two really cool new investigators this week... Alena and Stan. They are a couple we street contacted a few weeks ago and finally were able to set up an apt.. the lesson went really good.. they are from the czech republic. Alena is a baptist and stan is catholic.. such good people :) we have only been over one time so I dont have loads to tell but they are awesome..
I have been listening to loads of John Bytheway lately. I listen to one talk after planning and they are so good!!! there is loads of different ones that are for teenagers but whether its about the internet or music or whatever I feel like I have found someway to apply it into my life.. so I would recomend it if you guys wanna listent to something awesome!
I think stant would like rightous warriors.. that one is sweet!!
Newport is doing really good though.. something sorta funny... we have an Elder Smart in our district now... so the jokes just keep coming. ha! I was getting used to like oh Elder Wiser... are ya? ha! but now ppl have been challenging people to be Smarter and Wiser over the pulpet.. its been too funny :)
Other than that we have been doing loads of service.. I love service! We dont get to do it a lot but we have some pretty good projects going at the moment.. putting some slabs down for Dave and Vicki.. its been super fun :) I wish I could do pictures here but the only place I can send them is at the chapel.. I have taken loads!!
Well I love you guys :)
make sure to have a great week!

PS.  The easter package..... :) i loved it!!! ha I took lunch at the chapel so I could watch it.. i have so much love for you guys... that vid was awesome and the card was great as well.. stant kicked butt!! he looks like hunter when he wrestles now, from how he moves his elbows... he hit a few moves in there and I was cheering! ha! The best thing I have seen for ages!! I wanted to watch it twice but I didnt have time.. the songs were great as well.. I thought the hymns enhanced it.. what do you think?

Thanks for the money as well.. I'm going to get my suits dry cleaned.. I sat in some gum the other day on the train............... that sucked, and I couldnt get it off with hot water and stuff so ill just take it in.. plus half way is a good time to do it...
anything I can do for you guys though? I know im clear over here but is there anything?
Also.. I have been doing spiritual thoughts with my investigators. Not just like read a scripture and  share like an object one.. like the peel the orange and talk about the armor of God and stuff.. I was wondering if you could mail some ideas.. I have been running low sorta ha anything with folding paper and stuff I can do :)
We get to talk in two weeks!!! ahh how cool is that :) depending on where we do it you guys will be able to either meet elder downey or vicki and dave... so we will see!! you get to hear a welsh accent ha.. and a bit of a south african one.. elder downey is awesome.... the kid wants to serve!! he is so positive and wants to help out so much.. Gosh, I love that kid.....so christlike..
love ya guys!! next week im going to try and write a story before had to tell you guys so its more interesting.. whenever I sit here my week just clashes on me and I can't remember anything. ha! sorry about that but ill give it a go...
love you guys loads!
elder wiser

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