Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 6, 2014

wooooooooooo there! haha! My friends getting married... that means I'm old... that is really crazy! haha I'm so happy for them though... a year ago I could tell something was going to go down there........ a temple date as well.. how cool is that? Man that is so good to hear :) i love it!!

Some big things happened this week... that is so cool with Travis and Melissa and their family.. good things are happening!! way to cool :) thanks for all those pictures they looked so happy :)

It has been a good week :) it makes me so happy to be able to come here and have such a awesome boost! we had a week full of service... hard work :) its been awesome. We will have dave send you a email of the work we did. we call it isabelles runway. ha its been really fun :) things have been so good!!! man i have loads of pictures to send because we are at the chapel emailing today soo let me get my camera and ill show you wales! oh man I looked and I havent taken loads of pictures....

so pretty much this week the big things were finishing our runway project and we had an epic district p day.... we had a barbaque and played some district card games :) it was so fun!! and we ate in a pub with Dave and Vicki.. ha that was interesting.. everyone was drinking like you would expect in a pub but the food was cheap and there was a lot of it so it was cool :)

so transfer day is May 21 and the end of the transfer is on may 25... they have a few shorter transfers so missionaries have some time to leave at the end of their mission I guess.. their visa can't expire so they try to give them some extra time.. probably what will happen is I will get a new companion and stay in Newport.. but you never know!! I could leave, its just not as likely, we shall see.. I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys!! one week away :) I'm not a hundred percent sure what time would be best but we have stake conference from ten to twelve.. anytime after that I will be on call :) what time would work best for you and what time do you have anything going on?

I cant wait to talk to you!!!! I love you guys :) so I'm going to send this and then send some pictures

So I guess english ppl have little cheese parties... they just have a bunch of crackers and a bunch of differnet sorts of cheeses and grapes... so its a party.... we had one..... haha here it is!!

This is our district bbq

Elder Mcfarland and Gibbs bought a bunch of meat.. made a small home made grill with the oven racks. There it is, ha! It was so much fun.. I love being around these guys.. I don't know if I told you but there is an Elder Smart in my district now.. so Elder Smart and Wiser :) hehehe ppl make jokes about it all the time... so all the names of the ppl in our district are Elder Jones (tall finish guy), Elder Packer (grandson of Boyd K Packer) Elder Smith, me, Elder Smart and Velarde.. then Mcfarland whom you remember and Elder Gibbs.. ta da!

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