Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19th, 2014

oh man, Dad -  that looks bad..... dang it!!! 
The "H" dosent work really good on this keyboard.. so, plan is, I'm going to cwmbran for a bbq with the district!! so i will email over there. I have some scriptures I wanna tell you guys about.. sorry I'm so bad with emailing and stuff I would say I'm just a dude, but thats an excuse haha... although its a pretty good one ;)

so in cwmbran is where our district leader is and we went here for a bbq since its our last one :) its about fifteen min away on the train... if i leave Newport i can send more pics.. since i live in dodge town (Newport) they have to lock up all the computres so I cant send photos... and I have to pay for time.. ill pay for it some weeks but others I dont have change or something.. it sucks! but the librarys over here are going under because not many people read...

transfers are on wednesday!!! yay!!!! it going to be crazy to see wahat happens... ill probably stay here though.. ill tell you more about it in a few hours.. ill be getting on around three our time wich is 9 i tink
love ya!!!!

Mom!!! hey :) so I'm staying in Newport.. do you know my address? it's 
159 conway road 
NP19 8JU 

I'm getting a new guy his name is Elder Notagain.. i'll send you some pictures... i love you!!!!!


Hey family!! how you all doin? looks like things are going ok besides dads foot... that is rough.. right at the beginning of summer too.. I'm glad your all happy though :) enjoy your last week of school!!! I almost graduated a year ago :) I'm going to blink and its going to be like ten years ago.. time is going so fast.. I'm just trying to hold on!!
So think week..Mosiah 2:17 is the go to scripture on service... I have really tried that this week. just going out of my way to help people or just do something servicy ha.. I think it's really helped me and my companion and some of the people we are teaching..
Andrew is still doing awesome.. I honestly can say he is one of the most generous people I have ever met... he is always so good to us and it's good to be around him.. I wish you guys could just pop up and meet these people.. such good people. Vicki is doing really good as well. she received a calling in young womens.. sooo cool! and she will love that she is super easy to talk to and the youth will love her...
Elder Smith and I are doing good as well :) life is good!!
I heard a funny quote the other day...."expecting bad things not to happen to a good person is like expecing a bull not to charge you becasue your a vegetarian" -Jeffery R Holland
haha I thought that was to funny!!
well guys I know the church is true :) beinga missionary is the best!
have a great week
love you
Elder Wiser

this is elder downey.. he let me borrow his side bag so I looked more english. ha! The thing is loaded with book of mormons :) his idea is the more book of mormons the more faith you have :) I'm glad that bag and my back survived haha I'm almost 20 so I can say that ;)

found this in a flat.. best desert ever :)

man look at this one..... so this river.. goes up and down all day long.. some times it can raise and drop as much as 60 ft... this is a really cool photo i took on evening late

lawn mower... no wheels! ha it is supposed to float.. but ya, I have used those loads.. interesting

this is brother brown from harrimon utah... he served here about 35 yrs ago he said he recognized the name "elder call" so I though he might know brent..

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