Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

Hey!! whattt uppppp wiser family.. good to hear from you all this week :) sounds like stant and dad are still pretty broken but other than that things are going well.. good to hear you guys went out and used the second amendment!! America!! I love America...

my new companion is from the Philippines!! how cool is that! he has been out for ten months and he is really cool.. his name is Elder Maligon (maleegon) he is really quite but he likes to work.. he is really funny when he gets rolling though ha he is a hard worker.. it has been good... elder smith went to cannock up by Birmingham. The work is still really slow but its picking up :) we have three return apts for tomorrow so that is going to be great!
Man this week was crazy! so I learned some good lessons this week.. I have a few I wanna share.. first one....
I got hit by a car this week.... it wasnt my fault thankfully haha I'm not a crazy cyclist but I entered into a round about and a guy in a van hit me broadside... like strait up in the side.. I just leaned onto his hood and then flipped over the other side onto my back...I got up really quick and moved all the stuff out of the way.. then this barber shop had a bunch of people run out and see if I was ok.. they gave me a drink and some sweets.. they were so nice... all I have to say is.... I was so blessed.. so blessed.. I was deffinatly looked out for.. I probably should have a broken leg and stuff.. but I dont :) all that broke was my back pack, and my bike is pretty beat up.... I named her wendy falcon.. I may have to get a new one :( she was made in the early seventies so she had a good run ha.. man I love that thing...
but what I learned from it was this...
"diligence is a steady consistent earnest and enertic effort in doing the Lords work. a dilligent missionary works effectivley and efficiently. Diligence in missionary work is an expression of your love for the Lord and his work, when you are diligent you find joy and satisfactoin in doing the Lords work, continue untill  you have done all you can, even when you are tired.
focous on the important things"
Christ like attributes PMG
So the reason I wanted to share that is because on the way home from the accident I had a really scary thought.... if that had actually been bad and I had to go home because my legs didn't  work or something.. would I have learned what I needed to out of my mission?.. It freaked me out becasue its such a short time to learn and I only have a year left..then in study I came across this poem..
A Missionarys Gethsemane
You're on a mission and things seem tough;
Doors are slammed with voices gruff;
Your companion refused to do his share
You feel discouraged and even despair.
You question your testimony and belief in God;
You wonder about the path you've trod.
Memories of pleasure dance in your brain;
A siren's song, an old refrain;
"The work is hard," and with a taunt,
Whispers, "Not as He wills, but as you want."
You tire of rules and feet worn to the bone,
And suddenly decide you want to go home.
You'll never know if you say goodbye,
What might happen if you stay and try,
To follow the rules and do your best,
To serve the Lord and pass your test.
Where do you think that you would be,
If Christ, in the Garden of Gethsemane;
His soul in torment, a trial of fire.
Had selected not duty before desire?
He set the pattern for you and me,
To meet our own Gethsemane.
From boy, to man, to Elder with fire,
Comes only when duty can master desire.

        (Bernard J. Barnes)
So I feel like the question I had from getting hit and a few times before in my mission.. is something I will ask myself a lot more.... not so that I live in fear... but that I'm more fearless in doing the Lords will...... comes only when duty can master desire :) I love that!!
I know this church is true though.. I wake up everyday and study and talk to people becasue I know that... its true!!
                                                                            We live it we love it
                                                                            we're missionarys :)
love you all!
elder wiser
I wanted to thank all the missionarys who send awesoem emails out and that my mom sends them to me.. you guys are awesome!!

The last District Picture

my new companion, elder maligonone on the far right, Me, elder velarde, and elder smart (the tall one) haha 

looking for some animals to GQ haha kidding.. we just took a short cut home after we took this huge.. huge finding route... shoes got a bit muddy.. but it was fun! 

this is a picture on top of what the people here call a moutain haha its like a small hill but its the biggest hey have :) 

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