Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

hey mom!! today i dont have anytime becuase i have to go to cardiff.. sorry :( but i really love you and it was so good to talk to the family :) i really love you guys!!
i hope you like that chapter.. its one of my favorites.. i also hope you liked that mothers day video on the mormon messages.. i love that one and i thought ytou would like it :) spread my love to the family!!
love you all so much :)
elder wiser

mom!! hey :) it was so good talking to you! it made my month as well ha pretty much the next seven untill the next one.. man it was so good...thanks for making it so good and letting everyone be there it was so good to see them all... and you got to see sis as well!! ah man i love her too..
love you mom!!

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