Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

haha sleeping in till six thirty haha ah man mom you are a champion... ill totally echo your stuff on conference.. it was so good and i felt the spirit loads during it... im going to have some of the people we are teaching watch a few of those.. none of them were able to come to it but they watched it at their homes... so we are going to go see what they got out of it and see how it goes!! nobody says it better than the prophet and his apostles... i loved the faith takes the place of fear stuff... that applies in every situation.. and also how elder bednar talked about the load in the truck.. i really tried to think of the stuff i was putting in the back of my truck... i made a mental list and alot of it wasnt to good. so im going to really work hard at being more grateful and putting postitve things in my truck... i learned loads!! i wish i had my notes but im in cardiff at the moment.. zone p day stuff :)

we watched some of it with elder downey... whom i love... the kid is a stud! and then on suday we watched it at the chapel... we watched the preisthood on sunday morning and then saturday after noon sesh at one and the suday morning live at five thirty.. we are going to watch the evening session this coming satuday with elder downey... again i love that kid.... he is amazing but ya it was great!

we have gotten a few new investos... andrew is a former and very generous.. the guy is so nice.. uhh joanna she is polish :) mark is from czech republic... amy and min are chinese ha i have been trying to get everest to do a face time with us and translate... ill fill you in a bit more alter.. i have two min and i only got an hour.. sorry! have a really good day though :) 
so something really good happend this week..... we have been meeting with a lovely family who has been taught by the missionaries for two and a half years... at the end of the sprititual thought she just asked if she could be baptised!! we were both really shocked but how cool is that? she said she just looked at her situation differently and realized she wanted her baby to be raised into a church that was good... what church si better? that was amazing and its going to bless her life so much.the church is true!
things have been going really well :) starting this week off with conference was so good. it helped me raise my vision and refill for another week! im so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary.. time is preciouse! and our four min is ticking ha.. stay happy you guys! have an attitude of gratitude :)

love you!
love elder wiser

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