Monday, April 7, 2014

April 1, 2014

love you guys :) ah man... hope you have agood rest of your week!! i had a big planned letter i wanted to do but my trainer sorta proposed to his princess and i got a little side tracked haha.... in a short bold statement what i have learned this week is this..... ill talk to anyone.... knock any door.. stop any huge guy.. haha whatever im not scared to.... i know god will help me :) my trouble has been back in the flat! in planning! why would god give you someone to teach you you cant teach them right... so i have been doing the weekly planning guidlenes in planning.. its been healping loads... im really having a good opportunity to sharpen my axe :)
i love you guys so much :)
dad........HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
one year older and wiser to. happy birth day to you :)
have a good week everyone!! ha i give a command to serve dad more :) pick up a few more dead birds this week haha
love you guys.
love elder wiser

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