Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey mom!!! ahh man stant!! ha Richardson Memorial is a tough tough tournament.... I remember getting whooped by that Hardy boy.... haha man I'm so proud of him.. he is going to do so flippin good this year! this is his last year huh? man I feel so bad I'm missing it all, so include as much as you can in emails I love hearing about it.

Well I have a  bit of bad news.. district p-day today!! so I'm super pressed for time.. I'm going to try and email later as well but I have to leave in about five min.. i'll send some photos later tonight though. next week i'll be able to email to my hearts desire! time is a moving!!

If this is all I get to send I want to quote dad.. "live in the moment".. it goes along with what you said mom. if your in a lesson and your thinking about finding or something, how can you listen to the spirit if your not thinking about the moment... it works for everything.. like texting at dinner. face book at church... whatever it is there is something better to focus on. I have seen that lately.. and we have seen some miricles from it. some amazing people we have been able to meet. the spirit is there if the missionarys are ready to get it done... little scary scritpure D&C 136 33 I think... it talks about the role of the spirit.

I love you guys!!! have a great day :) i'll send photos later!..........................

moooooommmmm!! district p-day was great but my flippin bike got stolen again...... so did Elder Holts.... in broad daylight in front of the library... gosh I'm starting to get so annoyed at this country.. It was locked up too....its killing me! it was in the middle of Birmingham as well. so I hope the police can find it.. if I see a homeless dude riding it I'm going to make headlines with that tackle. haha! Na im just kidding, it's just a little frustrating.. sorry ma! I really try to keep my bikes.. things like this don't happen in the promised land..well, if I can't find something I can build, i'll find one for cheap. But if not i'm going to walk for the ending of my mission. it's late I know but I wanted to tell you guys!!!

But on a better note district p-day was great! We had a huge district breakfast :) and I made, from scratch, gluten free pancakes :) they weren't the best haha but there are two other gluten frees in the district so we get sacrament and everything! how cool is that? sister stone and elder kerr is trying it out to see if it makes him feel better. we just played loads of sports. I'm really really tired! haha dad was totally right.. mission tiredness... it gets ya ha
I love you guys!! tell Stant I bragged about him all day. the dude is a legend!! I cant wait to see the highlight :)
have a  good one!

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