Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 - Updated

Hey Mom!! I gotta say sorry as well.. I have used a lot of personal funds this week and last week... We had some unexpected stuff and we can't cycle back to the flat with out bikes so we had to eat in town a lot.. at least you can see my diet though right!! haha a lot of skittles and a lot of oranges.. but  I'll be one hundred percent better this week.. I'm going to start making meals and taking them with me instead of just getting it in town.. we live like a 45 ish min walk from where we work.. but I'm starting to cook a little bit more so i'll be alright for college.. I just dont like the dishes and I take too long so I can't clean them before study....

Oh good news!! Elder Peek picked me up a package in Newport.. where you sent that package the first time!! then you just wrapped it and put the new address on it right? I think its the one!!! So some good person sent it back :) I don't know for sure but i'll let you know.. (**Note from Laura - I sent Sterling a half-way package, in June 2014 to Newport England, with books, letters, pictures and two new boxes of contacts. He never received it and we were really sick about it because he was running out of contacts.  If you know Sterling very well you will know that he is super blind and his contacts a specially made and very expensive. Four months later the package showed up on my door step - the post office had returned it.  I was so grateful!!! I added some updated notes, re-wrapped it, re-addressed it and this time, sent it to the mission home.  He finally received it, while serving in merthyr, just before Christmas 2014, and was so excited he opened it in the bus stop, then he left it the bus stop...and was just sick about it for weeks.  We prayed that he would somehow be able to get his contacts.  This little note above means that someone found the half-way package and found the original address and sent the package back to Newport where another Elder picked it up for Sterling and will hold it till he can get it to the mission home then back to Sterling who is now serving in Harborne!!  Miracles Miracles!!!)

As well we had a cool thing this week... Elder Andrus and I on exchange found an iPhone 6 and turned it in.. before we did we made some videos of us being dumb and photos and stuff and left our number to let us know if they got it... they did get it!! They just said thanks loads and a few days after the kids mom texted us and said that her son had lost a baby a few months earlier and that phone was the only one with pictures of his baby... and how greateful she was.. so we testified of families and invited her to listen to our message... I dont know whats happening yet but she said that it sounded good :) cool huh!! God does stuff for people to hear his message.

Mom I love you so much!! I have to go because we set some apts for today.. lunch and stuff :) I think it will be good to help me focous.. Mondays start of the whole week! We gotta hit it hard today and keep going :) Time is going so fast. 

Here is my spiritual thought in the form of a photo.. I have shared it before but I love it..

This is my gluten free breakfast this morning!

Im turning into a master chef ha

I love you so much mom!!!!

last district meeting before transfers!! this is the whole crew! look at how many missionarys are there! im pretty sure this is the biggest district in the mission. coventry might match it but i dont think there is anything bigger

playing ping pong today and some people yelled my name.... some friends from merthyr!!! haha so cool :) daniel and jen :)

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