Monday, January 26, 2015

January 19, 2015

Did a lady named Anita friend you on face book? she is a lady that we were really good friends with in Merthyr.. she fed us soooo much. ha! Just like we would be at the flat and she would text she was bringing up a meal.. such a cool lady :) she was trying really hard to convert us to be a Jehovas Witness just like we were with her - but it created a good friendship so thats cool :) she left her keys to her house with us one time so we could let her dog out and when we went to do it there was lunch on the table. How cool is that? so we just ate everything and did the dishes. shows a bit of trust huh? 

Teaching this week was pretty good :) we have just been resolving big concerns a lot it seems.. like addressing lots of anti questions and things about gay marriage and stuff.. more so than in my mission for sure.. but the truth is the truth :)

We have some amazing investogators named pearia and kimia :) they are persian and so so cool!! They are way humble and they are really good and recognizing sprirtual answers.. the plan of salvation was a way cool one.. they just were like ah man thats so cool I wish I knew that before!! Just with everything.. I love meeting with people who want to know what is right. There are some in the district that are just like that as well.. humble seekers of truth :) I love it!!

I found a cool scripture this morning in Alma 26 I think its verse 22. It talks about how if we are repentant and exercise faith and good works we will be an instrument in bringing thousands of souls to repentance!! so there is nothing stopping us from being like Dan Jones or Ammon or something. We just have to do our best to be humble and follow the spirit :)

I hear destry is coming home really soon... how is that going? Man everyone is coming home!! ha what the heck time is moving forward. who else is on the coming home list?
This guy is on the pass along card!! He is famous :)

dinner at ming moon! i love sushi :) asian food is really growing on me.
we made a ping pong table for after planning haha!! we are going to be pro!

This is the baptism of one of his investigators from merthyr
Elder Palu sent it

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