Monday, March 23, 2015

March 16, 2015

dad! I'm doing great :) this new area is small but it has loads of potential ha im so excited to see what happens.. my companion I'm with now is awesome and funny but he is lacking a little motivation... so my goal so far is to pay attention to the details.. do what I know im supposed to and pray that God will bless us so he can have a similar experience to what I have had.. it just takes testing the word to know its right. but there is no way I'm wasting time right now haha i'll have eternity to look back and regret it. its go time! :) I'm coming home dad!! haha how crazy is that! its not going to be real until im on the plan.. i don't feel trunky or lazy or anything.. I'm just excited and want to see what I can do :) I'm still district leader.. that means i'll have been district leader for a year! how nuts is that? I have learnd so much from it though... I started out like a weak people pleaser but I think I'm at the point where I can do what is right. and know God is backing me :) that's going to help in the future.

I'm totally down to hunt and fish!! I have tried hunting a few times out here I miss it so bad. I would have tried fishing but there is a huge fine if you get caught... so I probably better not... the Queen likes her fish haha we had a pond in Cheltenham and we found a fishing shop but i would have had to get a licence and everything... and only on p-day for a bit. I'm so stoked though to come home and chill :) I'm going to have to geta job really quick so I can survive without mooching more from you guys.. thinking about work... from your opinion. do you think I would be a successful sales man? thing is rejection is nothing to me since I'm out here. I can talk to people all day in the rain without crying. but maybe construction would be better for me. I would have to work my physical guts out and they pay pretty good.. maybe I could talk to Jack Briskey again and see if he has work.. what do ya think pop? sorry I'm so bad at making a decision. it only pops into my head today usually ha.

i'll read that chapter :) I finished the New Testament in my last area and I'm on 43 of Doctrine and Covenants right now. its great! I have been learning loads :)

I cant believe stant is leaving in July!! haha what a crazy dude!! I'm going to try and make some cool things for him that will help out in the field.

I love you dad :)

have a great week!!

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