Friday, March 20, 2015

March 2, 2015

**This is Sterling's response to my question of how he teaches the Plan of Salvation and if he had any experiences to share**

hmmmm.... a lot of out investigators just accept the Plan of Salvation... I have had some cool stories of people being really happy and beliveing it is true but we just taught it with an aid and with our testimoneys... do you know that little wooden cut out of the plan we have on the piano in the front room? Elder Sorensen has one of those and we use that :)

We are teaching the plan of salvation to a very strong seventhday adventist this week though... so i'll let you know how that goes. We had an amazing spiritual lesson with him yesterday talking about the Godhead and the atonement.. I think he is open for the idea of the restoration but he didn't accept a Book of Mormon.. he said he needs to test the spirits.... he is one of the most doctrinaly sound people I have taught on my mission.... it has been so good to expound on scriptures and he understands and knows other ones in the bible... its so cool!! so i'll let you know :)

**Here is his letter to Shane**
Hey dad :)

ah man!! stants call is killing me... i want to see him so bad when i get home. im sure i will.. time is a moving.

I sent mom a pretty good mail about how things have been :) I'm happy and have been learning a lot. the gospel is about learning! its funny how the hardships out here are so easy but they seem so dramatic. if I had troubles with a roomate back at home I don't feel like it would effect everything like it does out here. but I'm really trying to learn what I need to so I can be a good husband. I dont like saying it that way but it is what it is :) ha

hmmm for work... I just want to do something that is hard. I have been thinking alot about selling.. and I talk to charity workers all the time on the street...I dont know if I would be good at it... I wish i could have a list to choose from but I have been thinking where I would fit best.. I'll keep thinking about it.. but whatever I do I want to try and be good at it.. if its like contracting or something i'll do my best. thing is pop... I'm like stupid haha I have been testing myself out with math problems and stuff.... when I get home I'm going to start to spend time online taking prep tests... everyone says you will regret what you did in high school.. and you don't belive them untill your out of high school and you regret it haha.. we shall see though.. i'll think of some things this week :)

I sure love you dad :) you are a legend. I cant wait to chill when I get back :) I have a lot of questions already but I'm just going to save them.. its going to be weird that I'm going to be replacing stant. I really hope we get to do some stuff before he goes.. but God ask and we do ha 

Your a really good dad :) the reflection of how awesome you are is how you run your family and personal affairs :) not bragging on my part but our family is pretty dang good.. we have been majorly blessed... we just have to use what we have to bless others :) but one hundred percent honest... you are thee man. and I love you :)

have a great week!

love elder wiser :)

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