Friday, March 20, 2015

March 9, 2015

holy cow!! Austrailia!   That is awesome!!  I think his personality will fit in so good there :) laid back. sunshine. and really good at creating relationships. I was thinking about what sorta missionary I think he will be based off of what I know.... Mom, he is such a good dude! He really is! he can take control of situations and lead but at the same time is patient and loving. what good qualities. I can't wait to see him when I get back! I can't wait to see you all!! its weird how I only have two transfers left... its so unreal to me.. a huge group of mission friends are leaving this transfer.. thats going to be tough.. Elder Higham is going home... i'll miss him so bad!!!!! If you guys are in idaho he will be giving his homecoming in Shelly. he is a stud!

thats rough to hear about Grandma Wiser and Bassett.... ill keep praying for them. that is really rough.. they work so hard.. how is grandpa? when is Grandma Wiser going to come live with us? I love them all so much!!! its going to be crazy to hug all you guys... I feel like I haven't even been gone for to long then I hear shelby is 16 and stant is 18 haha ah man.. life is coming up so fast!!!!

That sounds awesome about your school!! haha mom you are so cool :) your a great teacher. I still remember a lot of teachers I have had over the years. you have a real impact on people mom :) its cool becuase its not just standing up and giving info its leading and there is loads of stuff after school and prep you do to help them all.. its really cool :) your a legend!!

time is a movin! I cant wait to chill with the family.. do you think you guys will be able to pick me up from England? I would love that. I would get to talk to you guys loads before everything and it would be fun to show you around the mission and some of my best friends :) but at the same time it would be good to just step off and see everyone in America :) so whatever is the most easy. I'm down :)

love you!!

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