Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

hey hey hey!!

I love you guys so much!
it has been a way good email session today. you guys make me so flippin happy.

it has been a way cool week this week :)

first thing.. my companion.. Elder Winder.. is such a good dude! we are having such a good time out here. this area I think is going to be one of my favourites it has loads of potential and we are the elders that are going to get it done.

some cool things that happened this week:

We were finding in town center and we talked to this polish guy and his little boy.... we got a return appointment with them and they are so normal!! He is almost married, his house is clean.. he made lunch for his son from scratch. They had a families forever thing on the wall.... it had to have been made my Mormons! they are so elect! I have wanted to teach a family my whole mission and this one is so cool :) i'll keep you posted.

another one.. so at a family home evening the other day everyone one was talking so I decided to text random people in the phone... they texted back and when I told the people there they said that they do that whenever they go to a new area.. so that night I texted everyone in the phone.. it took quite a while. and quite a few texted back. but one in particular.. he is an English guy. he called and asked who we were... surprised that we are missionarys and said he could meet the next day. So we met him at the chapel...

We sat down and he said well... I better tell you guys my story. He said that when we contacted him he was contemplating taking his own life. The last 10 years of his life had been hell and he didn't know how to get out of it... drugs, alcohol, all the addictions humans deal with this guy had dealt with.. he really wanted to have a better life though and he felt like the missionary's were his chance. My companion and I bore testimony of the gospel, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Fathers love for him personally. It was such a cool experience!! We are seeing him again tonight but he wants to get baptised in April and feel the change that the gospel can bring :)

The church is dang true guys... I see it every day when I get out and work :)
I love it so much!!


Dean a revent convert!!

oh and our boiler is broken... cold showers all week!! I'm tough haha

love you guys so much!
Elder Wiser

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